M.S. in Information Studies  |  B.A. in English

I earned my two degrees across four institutions: Auburn University, Rollins College, NYU, and UT Austin. I do consider Rollins College and UT Austin my true Alma Maters, but I want to give credit where it's due. I began my bachelors degree at Auburn and, after fully embracing my book-loving, writer self (and going to some football games and Waffle House hangouts), I transferred to Rollins College to take part in their English program, graduating in 2017 with my Bachelors in English. 

That might have been the end of my higher education journey except I wanted to learn the business of books and publications, so in the Summer of 2018 I attended the NYU Summer Publishing Institute and studied everything I could about book, magazine, and digital publishing. I left New York with a certificate and some graduate level credits and moved to Austin, TX.

I was working in Austin when I made a pact with myself that if I was to pursue a master's degree, I would achieve an MSIS at UT Austin, so I could become a librarian one day and join many of my home state friends in being a UT alum. And from 2019-2021 while working full-time and through a pandemic, I did just that. 


Auburn University 


Rollins College


New York University Summer Publishing Institute 


University of Texas at Austin